SaniSolutions Electro-Static Disinfection

applies proven chemistry through a superior application technology.

Why should I have my location(s) Electro-statically Disinfected?  ESD is the fastest and most effective way of assuring your location has been thoroughly disinfected and to create a safe and healthy environment. 

Our Electro-Static Disinfection is the process of applying an EPA approved disinfectant to surfaces inside your building or space killing COVID-19 along with many other dangerous pathogens.  The combination of electrostatics, chemistry and certified individuals performing the work is a marriage of superior technologies to create a healthier environment for you, your team and those who visit your space.

  • Specialized technology
  • Application requires minimal amount of chemistry
  • 360º coverage 
  • Thorough and fast application of the process
  • Kills mold & Fungus 

What is the difference between spraying, fogging and electro-static disinfection?Spraying is just that – spraying a surface with a spray bottle, pump up or electric sprayer sends a misted chemical into the air.  Application is through the pressure from the air and the weight of the chemical (gravity) in order to cover objects or surfaces.  What is the downside to this method?  Regular spraying only coats areas the nozzle is directly in front of and does not provide an even coating or 360º coverage.  More chemical will be needed, it is extremely time consuming, and this process does not reach all areas. 

Fogging is the means of making the liquid particulate so small it appears to be a fog or cloud of vapor. Although fogging is a better method of applying chemistry in comparison with spraying, unfortunately it also shares some of the same restrictions. The application of fogging is affected by air pressure and gravity.  The additional concern is inhalation of micro particles of vapors that can often linger in the air for up to 3 hours. 

Electro-static is the means of spraying a fine mist of positively charged particles onto objects that are naturally negatively or neutrally charged.  The attraction of the spray to any surface is much greater than gravity allowing for a thorough application.  Because the liquid particles are positively charged like miniature magnets they do not clump onto one another.  This assures an even coating along with a 360º coverage. The process does not just rely on air pressure or gravity.  This superior process provides coverage in reaching areas that could be contaminated but not normally recognized.


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How do we win the war?

Below is how we win the war on dangerous pathogens.  Because almost all micro biological bacterium, viruses, mold and fungi are invisible to the human eye we must have a method and plan to make our environment safer.  Below are the steps as to how we win the war:

Education – Without a clear understanding of the specific pathogen and how it infects, replicates, reacts and effects, we are merely guessing at solutions.  Education is essential.

Immunization – Is the process whereby a person is made immune or resistant to an infectious disease, typically by the administration of a vaccine.

Cleaning – The action or making of something clean.  In regards to germs this method removes germs from the surface but may not remove all of them.  Additional methods to remove pathogens must be employed.

Sanitizing – Is the means to make sanitary as by cleaning with the correct chemistry and heat.  Sanitizing kills 99% of bacteria, fungi and some microbes.

Disinfecting – Kills all of the pathogens sanitizing does and more, such as bacteria, mold, fungi, and VIRUSES.

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