Most frequent questions and answers

The Electrostatic application of chemistry has been around since the mid 1930’s.  It began as a method to paint objects to provide a more even coating from all sides (360º) while reducing overspray and product waste.   Imagine using a can of spray paint.   The nozzle is aimed at a round object and when sprayed it coats only the area the nozzle was aimed at.  If we applied the paint using an electrostatic paint gun (show a picture) not only would the paint coat the object in the front but it would also be attracted to the sides and back of the object to give a 360º coverage of the object. 

Our EPA approved disinfectant is safe for us and our pets but not microscopic bugs such as bacterium or viruses.   Our chemistry can effectively kill 99.99% of germs it comes in contact with. 

Our process and chemistry is safe for application on hard surfaces, fabrics and electronics. 

No. Although bleach is an effective means of killing COVID-19 and other pathogens, it cannot be sprayed on many types of surfaces because of its corrosiveness and ability to fade items it comes in contact with. .

Although the chemistry is pH neutral, safe for surfaces and our touch, it is important to know we should not eat food from those surfaces.  Service to the “front of the house” requires no additional steps.  Appling our process to the “back of the house” in the kitchen areas requires additional steps and should be discussed with our staff member. 

Duration of service depends on the size of the area along with the amount of surfaces needing to be disinfected.  It is also important to consider the dry time and this will depend on temperature of the space, direct sunlight, porous vs. non-porous surfaces and humidity. For more information regarding service time please talk with our staff. 

Cost is determined by the size of the area being serviced along with other surfaces that require disinfection.  For more information please call our office to talk with our staff. 

Our team members are trained / educated not only on the technology and chemistry but to understand how our application process kills pathogens.  Our product is listed on the EPA “N List” that has been approved to kill COVID-19.  As additional steps our teams test and document both the equipment and chemistry prior to starting their day.   Lastly we use the same technology, chemistry and process to disinfect our vehicles and buildings. 

The disinfection processes is similar to an imaginary reset button.  Frequency should be determined by the volume of people coming through an area.  The more people, the higher the frequency.  We also recommend reviewing the demographics of the people entering your areas and their susceptibility to contract COVID-19 or other contagions and the affects. 


We all know washing our hands during the day is part of staying clean but it is not a substitute for washing our entire body.  Similarly to your building interior, your team may clean commonly touched surfaces each day but not all areas may or can be addressed.  Cleaning every surface or area daily requires a tremendous amount of manpower and time.